TSI Calculator

This TSI calculator wants to be the most precise than I can, essentially to buy players with any extra hability. By now the TSI Calculator works to give us players's TSI who have any age, non-injured/injured and any class of combination or level for their skills.

I've put characters next to denominations in order that frequent users of this tool can obtain faster and don't loss their best purchases.

A little help

You have to fill the form with the player data: Age, Form, Injury, and the other skills in the respective fields. The player experience and things like leadership don't change the TSI.

You'll see: next to some fields, like Form and other skills, there are fields from 0 to 9. This indicate a sublevel that you think your player have (not in weeks, but yes decimal). If you don't know this, you can leave zero/ou (0). Is very important the sublevel in the skills which are higher than passable, the rest sublevels are less important.

In calculating TSI, you'll obtain a number. This number or value have an accuracy of 98% of cases. This number is the base TSI estimated value which a player have with the given skills, if you leave all sublvel as zero, this will be the value for players who have sublevel equal to 0 for that skill.

This TSI value (given by the calculator, I named TSI-Calc), you have to compare against the true player TSI, if the TSI-Calc is very much smaller than the real-TSI, then likely your player have an high sublevel in one high skill. You can try to put the sublevel (with the 0-9 fields) until you get a nearer TSI. When it be more approximated, you'll have a better concept about the skill sublevel that player have.

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